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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll Ons - For General Well-being

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll Ons - For General Well-being

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Essential Oil rollers are a great, natural, and subtly powerful addition to your health and wellness. Roller bottles allow you to easily benefit from aromatherapy wherever you are, thanks to their mobile form. Just apply a roller bottle to your skin and you could feel better in no time. It is excellent lifestyle support.

We have carefully crafted our rollers specifically based on the benefits of essential oils.

Ingredients: Carrier oil (Organic Jojoba Oil), 100% therapeutic essential oil blends.

Directions: Apply directly on your pulse points such as on the temple, wrists, behind your ears, the sides of your neck, below your feet or any desired areas as needed.

Our essential oil rollers are designed to be a complementary addition to your health regimen. They are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. If you have any health concerns or medical issues, please seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare provider. 

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