The Story of ATS

It all started with thinking about what to gift my colleagues and fellow peers for Christmas. I wanted to gift them with meaningful gifts that were beneficial for them. As I searched for gifts online, I found that candles seemed like a purposeful gift. And I searched through different candles, it piqued my interest as to how candles get made. I then started to research and study candle-making. There is a whole science behind it but learning about it was so fulfilling!

As I learned about candles, I also had to study fragrance oils and essential oils. I was so intrigued by all their health benefits. And that’s where my line of products just expanded. I went on to think about what other products I could make that would benefit the community.

My passion just grew from making candles to making personal care products, all of which had to come from responsibly sourced, natural, chemical-free and organic ingredients.

Though making products with all-natural, chemical-free, and organic products is costly, my aim was also to make all my products affordable without compromising quality for everyone to enjoy. To reduce the cost of the products, everything is done in-house, from printing and labelling. 😊

I sincerely hope you enjoy shopping with us and more importantly enjoy the products and reap their benefits!